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The days of scrubbing your blinds in the bathtub are gone! With Uwave Cleaning, you can replace those rubber gloves for more time on your hands for all the important things in life.


Dirty blinds in corporate spaces can seriously impact employee health, productivity and attendance, putting a dent in your bottom line. Keep dirt-induced downtime at bay with routine blind cleaning services from Uwave Cleaning. Your maintenance team will love you.


For industries like pharma, healthcare, laboratories and manufacturing facilities holding accreditation, a clean and sterile environment is a must.

We collect, clean, repair, service and reinstall your blinds in a jiffy.

Easy peasy. You won’t even know they were gone.

Dishing the dirt on dirty blinds

Blinds are everywhere; at home, at the office, in restaurants, hospitals, schools and at the gym. The inevitable dirt build-up on blinds is not only unsightly, but makes for prime breeding ground for bacteria and allergens, so keeping them clean is a must.

You don’t enjoy cleaning blinds? We hear you.

Wiping and washing blinds by hand is back-breaking stuff and takes up so much of your precious time. You can never quite get them completely clean and they bend, go brittle and sometimes even break during washing – and that’s before you’ve dried and reinstalled them.

The Uwave Cleaning way

Our ultrasonic blind cleaning system allows us to clean all types of window blinds thoroughly, quickly and safely with no risk of damage.

  • Ultrasonic waves combined with a non-toxic chemical solution
  • Fast, efficient and more effective than any other cleaning method
  • Cleans the entire blind, including slats, cords, ladders, tapes and headrails
  • Prevents pitting, scratching and damage to blinds
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Biodegradable chemical solution

With over 20 years’ experience in the blinds industry, Uwave Cleaning also offers:

  • New blind sales
  • Blind repairs
  • Blind servicing

Uwave Cleaning Technology

Uwave Cleaning’s professional ultrasonic blind cleaning service is backed by imported technology that has been tried and tested the world over. Our window blind cleaning technology is compact for ease and convenience of mobility, making cleaning on or off site a cinch. The unit can clean all types and sizes of window blinds, including aluminium, plastic, fabric, wood and more.

The cleaning unit comes with a Prowave True Digital Generator with intensity control and timer (up to 4000 watts), twin immersible transducer packs in 14 gauge non-magnetic stainless steel and a thermostatically controlled heater. Two spigots make for easy draining, foot pedal is easy step on/off and the stand supporting the functioning unit is of stainless steel and separates from the tank. It boasts a digital temperature display or readout box, a stainless steel extended work rack, generator drawer, immersible shield, welded handles and four casters with two brakes.

Our machinery is also backed and supported by training and support, so Uwave Cleaning customers will always enjoy the most knowledgeable, up-to-date service available.

Interior dimensions:

1905 mm L x 222 mm W x 610 mm D

Exterior dimensions:

2018 mm L x 584 mm W x 1041 mm H (1981 mm with inspection rack)


515 L

Meet the team

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Bruce Fuba
Grant Lucas
Donovan Saffier
Martienus Ras
Michael McEwan

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